Adults in Training Teen Workshop

Teens in Transition


Teens transitioning into adulthood are as much a phenomenon as butterflies emerging from cocoons. They have the DNA genetic coding to be reflections of their parents, past generations and their environment.

Now they suddenly astonish those around them by saying and doing whatever comes to them, often without filters or concern for others. Their brains’ neurological pathways are forming and their behavior is driven by their peers and outside influences.  They often act and react indiscriminately without mindful discernment.


A teen’s primary concern is momentary gratification by their present definition of “me” and “I” followed by immediate wants. They spend more time exploring their environment and broadening their boundaries without adult supervision. Even so, they want to be loved and heard, to feel peace, and to witness and receive justice.  Adolescents want truth and consistency from society – especially from adults who supposedly know better.

What they see, feel and hear will be their chosen values that will rule their present and future lives. They are processing and comparing themselves to the version of the world where they think they are now and where they think they will have to fit in tomorrow. It is difficult for many teens to envision a future beyond several days given the quantity of outside stimulation, mixed messaging and change bombarding them on a daily basis.


Their spirit, mind and body are in continual transition as they attempt to find balance in a confusing world where commitments, promises and boundaries are often not upheld. Does NO mean NO? Or does NO mean YES sometimes? Is it worth it to risk? What do I have to lose?

Life just doesn’t make sense. They hear one set of defined values and then see no adherence. Yet adults are often hard-pressed to honor the truth, humor and innate wisdom teens possess, which become self-evident when one takes the time to really focus and listen to them.

  • What if teens were to be given a toolbox of skills to drive their thoughts and behaviors into self-responsibility in spite of whatever is in their environment?
  • What if they were taught skills to communicate honorably and to navigate the perceptual roadblocks that they think their parents, our laws and society have placed in front of them?
  • What if they had the skills to self-regulate their emotions and become secure, confident and self-reliant?

Workshop Benefits

The “Adults in Training” program extracts our youth from Earth (including cell phones) and takes them on a journey to a place beyond where they look down onto Earth and peer at society’s current life choices and behaviors.

They will see the adults in their life from a different perspective and understand the “rest of the story” behind the rules and regulations they are being asked to abide by.

We will examine the impact of:

  • social media
  • bullying
  • war and peace
  • discrimination
  • diffabilities (not disabilities)
  • diversity
  • communication skills
  • anger and behavior management
  • dealing with authority
  • personal power
  • responsibility
  • refusal skills
  • listening skills
  • “I/You” messages
  • accessing one’s own “inner-truth GPS” and using it to make better choices.

By exploring “why” and “how” to make choices using the Human Values Checklist and “The Mediation Mentor” model of communication and self-mediation, teens will learn to choose which roads to take and which exits to use to mitigate the pitfalls of growing up. They will be able to consciously choose their future identity instead of buckling to the whims of peers and society.

They will be shown how to regulate their emotions before reacting and how to heal, resolve and remove a painful emotional difficulty associated with a particular situation so it won’t happen again. They will be able to establish and accept their own value instead of giving away their power in emotional or physical outbursts that propagate disharmony.

At the end of the day, they will emerge from their cocoons empowered in their own truth, ready to face challenges with strong resolution skills. They will tap into their innate GPS navigational system to practice forgiveness of themselves and others, restore justice when possible and know how to say “no thank you” when necessary. They will know how to wave goodbye to the past, truly be in the present and welcome their future.

*For examples of real-life situations, see Teen Mediation »


  • Participants: “Adults in Training” for ages 12-18 (adult signed consent form required)
  • Format: This dynamic, interactive workshop is facilitated by Laurel Young and includes deep discussion, small group activities, partner exercises, a multi-media presentation and response polling.
  • Topics for “Adults in Training”: “How to Get Along With Adults”, “Safe and Sound”, “Breaking FREE!”, “How to Navigate Into Adulthood”, “How To Live With Our Parents”.
  • Materials: Workbook and handouts pertinent to the topic.
  • Length: From two-hour to an all-day intensive.
  • Location: Dependent on the group and the needs.
  • Cost: Dependent on the number of participants, location and needs.
  • Follow-up: A 30-minute group call within one-month of the workshop included. Additional consultation is available for a fee.

For more information about the Adults in Training Workshop, contact The Mediation Mentor »