Why Mediate Your Life?

Human Factors

Every human being has the same basic needs: Food…water…clothing…shelter…safety…health…belonging…power…freedom…fun. 

Every human being wants the same things: To be loved…to be told the truth…to receive justice…to feel peace in their life.

Life is quite simple when we recognize that we are who we are because of our surroundings and the beliefs we have chosen to hang onto. Outside information and perceptions from home, work, school, play, our communities, and media and technology have shaped our very being. These outside forces make up our subconscious programming and are often responsible for our thoughts, feelings, choices and actions. We allow these programmed influences to shape how we should be, how to think, what to buy, what is considered success and what is inherently wrong and right in our world. We often become who the sponsors of influence WANT US TO BE – not what WE TRULY ARE!

*See “Human Values In Mediation” for helpful information to help you negotiate thoughts, emotions, conversations, and actions.

Why Mediation Works

We can only control ourselves and changing our thoughts and behavior can only occur and endure when they are first fully discovered and implemented from within.” Laurel Young

By fully “mediating” or connecting without judgement all the information from a balanced neutral perspective, we can create a zone of freedom that allows us to see the whole picture and not just the perspective that we have held onto from our past experiences and our perceptions.

We can become an active listener and be fully present to hear others. From this perspective we can gain more information and understanding of the situation before we jump to conclusions.  The feeling of fear, lack, loss, blame, hate, harm, anger, guilt, worry, sadness, disappointment etc. that may present itself by either party are allowed to express without repercussions.

When mediating in the “neutral NOW” position,  your thoughts, words, feelings and behavior become clear and poised. This enables you to create and maintain healthy relationships without triggering confrontation within yourself as well as those around you.

By integrating human values into your life, you will be able to focus on similarities and strengths of unity and avoid the pitfalls of differences and separation.

When your mind is clear, your heart is open and your actions of love.  All are winners and there is no loser.” Derek O’Neill 

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