The Mediation Mentor Technique:

What the mind has stored, what it thinks about and what the body emotionally senses should be MEDIATED and then approved by the heart and spirit before action.” Laurel Young

How this technique differs:

The Mediation Mentor® provides a unique resolution system addressing the innate connection between the spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental body as it expresses in thoughts, discussions, confrontations and disagreements.

We revisit your TRUTHS, which are your:

  • beliefs
  • values
  • memories
  • sensorial emotions

that exist in the present time and create a new synchronized agreement with your collaborative self involving your spirit, mind, emotions, and your physical body.

Utilizing this technique allows you to discover, integrate and re-program both your conscious and subconscious memories along with your bodies’ emotional and physical experiences. This ability to successfully recognize and resolve these stored issues allows you to move forward into a new sense of freedom and choice.


We integrate practical wisdom from

  • Universal Human Values
  • Neuroscience, Psychology and Biology
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming & The Empowered Present Process
  • Mindfulness skills
  • Proven mediation, conflict resolution and restorative justice techniques

We utilize a process called “Resolving Emotions” to permanently remove past fears, traumas, behavioral difficulties and emotional blocks that can easily be integrated into the mediation process to ensure success.

The “Mediation Mentor Technique” is not psychotherapy or hypnotherapy. We do not need to breach confidentiality or revisit the details of past dramas and traumas. We simply address your present values and examine  a triggered re-occurring emotional trigger. We deal only with those effects as they show up for you TODAY in a present time incident. We can permanently eradicate that emotion from its original past root cause by following a few simple steps.


Through this team approach you will learn to create and integrate communication and mutual understanding between your body’s three memory brains:

  • the thinking, mind-brain
  • the feeling, emotional, intuitive body brain
  • the deep wisdom of the heart’s brain.

You will then feel wholly integrated and empowered to detach from living in a constant inner battle of fear, anxiety, greed, jealousy, anger, violence, attachment and worry.

You will be able to renew your authentic relationship with yourself creating better, more fulfilling relationships with others.

You can create outer excellence by balancing inner awareness.” Laurel Young

You will be able to recognize and balance your interests and beliefs by using the Human Values Guidelines including:

  • love
  • truth
  • right action
  • peace

These will help you to resolve, remove or justly maintain old beliefs and patterns of behavior. You will learn to initiate mutual forgiveness by mitigating perceived negativity received from others in a respectful loving way as well as reclaiming the negative energy you sent to them. By doing so, you can then enter into a space of personal forgiveness. You can then move forward in your life ready and open to the future without the burdens of unfinished business preventing peace and joy.

You will then easily be able to identify your BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement) first within yourself, then in everyday events and negotiations armed with the knowledge of how to react without attacking or escalating conflict with others.

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