Mediating me, mySELF and I


Mediating “Me, mySELF and I” is a personal journey of discovery.  Through the interactive self-talk between your mind thinking and your body feeling, you will get in touch with your human values, beliefs, and perceptions. This workshop helps you rewrite yourself into a competent, joyful and harmonious working model that balances your needs and desires without harming others. Through your journey, you will discover who you are and find security from a new perspective in a world of chaotic values.

You can’t decide who you want to be tomorrow before you remember who you are today…Laurel Young

“Becoming ‘You’ “

You will learn to identify, control, and mediate the constant mind chatter and destructive habits that often seem to interrupt or reroute your intended life plans.

You will learn to foster self-value, implement emotional competency and cultivate a grateful appreciation for your role in the world. You will learn how to accept not only the person you were or who you are now but the person you can or want to be.

You will identify the unconscious and conscious fears and behavior patterns that hold you hostage and learn to regulate and remove these from your sensory memory with “Emotional Resolution” protocols. This process will instantly remove the looped habits that silently manipulate and sabotage your destination!

You will learn the power of forgiveness through reviewing your perceptions and embracing empathy for yourself and others. You will learn effective skills to heal and restore past and present relationships. You will learn how to become the “YOU” you choose and stay in this mindful state to create change and move forward in the direction your authentic SELF wants to go!

Workshop Benefits:

You will learn how to access and inhabit a state of inner mindfulness wherein you can experience moment-to-moment clarity.  By learning to find balance and reach a mutual agreement with your thoughts and emotions, the roller coaster of confusion and repeat dramas will dramatically decrease depending on your willingness to stay tuned to the present, mediated and neutral you.

You will also have the new skill of mitigating your sensorial emotions as they happen at the moment or shortly afterward to avoid repeat disturbances.

You will be able to associate with others in a circle of mutual respect with detached unconditional understanding, meaningful discussions and relationships. Conflict and disagreements will become hiccups in life rather than dramas and traumas. As you learn skills to discover what others hold to be their truth, you will negotiate peaceful resolutions of “agreeing to disagree” when necessary and allow others the right to hold their own truths. You can create win-win solutions in a world environment of inconsistent values.

*For examples of real-life situations, see Individual Mediation »


  • Participants: Committed individuals willing to look in the mirror at their reflection and do intense inner discovery.
  • Format: This dynamic, hands-on workshop is facilitated by Laurel Young and includes deep discussion and introspective work, using a workbook and multi-media presentations when applicable.
  • Topics:
    • Discovering “me, mySELF and I”
    • Making “mySELF” Life Plan
    • Creating “My Win-Win World”
  • Materials: A workbook and multi-media presentation are included.
  • Location: To be determined by request and need.
  • Cost: To be determined by time, location and number of participants.
  • Follow-up: A 30-minute check-in group call within one-month of the workshop included. Additional time for private work is available for a fee.

For more information about the Mediating me, mySELF and I Workshop, contact The Mediation Mentor »