Schedule an Emotional Resolution Session

Please email The Mediation Mentor to request an appointment. Include your phone number and the best time to reach you. The Mediation Mentor will contact you.

We can conduct our session either by phone, FaceBook, Skype or in person.

The Session Procedure:

  1. A free assessment over the phone: you will explain the emotional difficulty you would like to work on to me. I will let you know how I can assist you, answer any questions and prepare you for the session. Time required:15 minutes maximum. We will set a date for the session.
  2. The Emotional Resolution Session: Time required: 45 minutes maximum. We will schedule a follow-up discussion.
  3. Follow-up Discussion: We will evaluate the result of our work. Time required: 45 minutes maximum with the same session requirements. If the pattern is not completely resolved we will have another session at no charge the same day or re-schedule to another day.

*This process into emotional freedom does not require you to disclose private details or past history to me in order to re-activate and remove! You only need to have a current situation that represents a repeating issue or trigger and share how that event is affecting you TODAY!

Once you have been through the process, you may want to learn to regulate your emotions on your own as they come up in your life on a day to day basis. Classes are available with little time and financial commitment to learning this skill. It is literally life-altering!

IMPORTANT! Read Before Your Emotional Resolution Session

There are few requirements to having a successful session:

  1.  You must be in a private environment-no noise, phones ringing or interruptions for 45 min.
  2.  No animals in the room.  If there are pets, clear them from the area so they won’t bother you with noise or scratching on a closed door.
  3.  Must use a hands-free listening device.
  4.  Must be in a sitting position.

If you have questions about Emotional Resolution, please contact The Mediation Mentor »