Business Mediation


Business mediation includes group assessment for all involved because they consist of people with different backgrounds, beliefs, personal identities, wants and needs. Any business is subject to an array of government rules, guidelines and gray area standards that affect what the business is legally responsible to uphold.  These must reconcile with the business’ responsibility to meet the needs of its employees and customers.

Owners and managers are scrutinized under the microscope and are expected to be all things to all people. Often it seems that the very people they support financially or are providing service to are unaware of the whole story surrounding business activities. Because people don’t know, and won’t probably be able to understand “the rest of the story,” business people have to learn to communicate differently.

What is Business Mediation?

In mediation business meetings we will dispel the mysteries of perceived differences and concentrate on similarities. We address the mandated legal and business control parameters each side possesses in making decisions and envision changes that fit best for all concerned. We learn to allow everyone to be heard and to maintain their personal beliefs without attacking each other.  We will communicate with mutual respect for shared goals and find solutions that create win-win agreements. We cultivate relationships that allow for continued, good-faith business interactions.

Mediation Mentor Advantages:

Most arguments and discontent in business interactions are simply misunderstood perceptions and unrecognized expectations that were not fully exposed or agreed upon at the onset of the business arrangement.” Laurel Young

In mediation format, these elements are exposed, discussed and remedied.  In cases where you can’t “fix” the issue, you can at least come to a mutual agreement to let go and move on respectfully.

Benefits of Business Mediation:

The inclusion of a mediator in troubled or difficult negotiations shows a willingness to solve issues with respect and has the probability of neutralizing anger, bad-mouthing, unresolved feelings and social media bombs.” Laurel Young

A mediator can monitor, direct and create equality in communication and conversation. Power-plays are minimized and the intended focus of the meeting maintained to create understanding and livable agreements.

Client Examples

Real life situations: mediated with human values.   

  1. My cost of doing business has gone sky high and my profit has crashed this year which means I didn’t get paid what I paid myself last year! How do I tell them we need to up our sales or have layoffs?
    Action: We will put a presentation together that utilizes the 3 P&L’s and the human values checklist and empower the employees to be a part of solution finding prior to any decision you feel you need to make. After all, if they have a part in the decision, then they can’t blame you. Allowing those that work for you to infuse new energy into improving teamwork and increasing sales is a win-win for everyone.  It’s very possible that they may generate ideas that you never thought of. Wouldn’t that be nice?
  2. The new head supervisor passes off her work to me which makes me have to make my department work twice as hard. And then she takes the credit! My group thinks I am unreasonable and too demanding. How can I mitigate all this?
    Action: We can consult the human values checklist first to gain control of your frustration, re-establish your values, and then go to your department and have a meeting. Maybe as a group, you can figure out how to re-organize and come up with a plan to submit that will create a viable solution for everyone. Listening, understanding and empowering the people who do the work to meet your needs is always the best way to go.
  3. I need to get this important contract.  I am competing with two other companies who are well known and who often get the job because they underbid me. I am recognized for having consistently satisfied customers which differ from their reputations. How do I prepare my presentation to show them I am the best choice?
    Action: We will go to the human values checklist and forget the competition and fear factors.  We will focus on what your potential client’s interests are and establish the value you can deliver. If they don’t care about the way you value the work that you deliver to meet your standard of quality, then you probably don’t want their business anyway. You should be willing to stick to your moral business practices that have created a happy harmonious work environment for yourself, your employees and all those you do business with. I know you said you can sleep at night because of your business practices and that is worth a lot!