The “3 P&Ls” Business/Corporate Workshop

Authentic Leadership

Managing groups of people for a common cause is often a daunting test of authentic leadership skills. We have been traditionally taught and pre-programmed to look to the outside world for confirmation and acceptance. In addition, we are taught that the “thinking” analytical mind along with the right education, right job, right family, right company etc., will determine our levels of success.

Success by individuals without these criteria can often be dismissed as “got lucky”, “rich kid”, “being at the right place at the right time”, etc. And no matter who you are or how you got there, your success is still traditionally measured by numbers and spreadsheets – often overlooking the impact it has on the emotional and physical well being of yourself and others.

However, being “all about the numbers” and “appearances” is about to change!

PLORKING  As a Way of Life

In the “3 P&L’s” business workshop, we will update the traditional business model of “Profit and Loss”  with the addition of “Play, Participate and Learn” and “Peace and Love” workplace models founded on the human value checklist.

We will learn to embrace the balanced intersection of these models with the optimized emotional state of PLORKING.

 “PLORKING” (Laurel’s made-up word) = (PLay+wORK):  “Engaging and successfully completing mental or physical activities, goals or duties in a spirit of unconditional, playful enjoyment.”

Yes, that’s right; we have the choice, the right and the responsibility to have fun at work even if it is something we think we can’t or don’t like to do!

You will then surround the 3 P&Ls with the triangle of your identity (spirit, mind and body). After all, you are the boss and the controlling partner of your business “title”, whether it be an employee, supervisor, manager or owner. You can create your ideal work world!

You can’t control the forces of the outside material world, but you can control yourself!  Those in charge can create outer changes that AFFECT you, but only you can accept, change or create EFFECTS within yourself!”  – Laurel YoungLaurel Young

By moving throughout your day balanced in body, mind and spirit, you will create a positive effect in the workplace and with the customers you serve. You will feel balanced and empowered to handle challenges effectively to create successful outcomes.

You will learn to mediate yourself in situations that trigger negative emotions that will affect your work. You can immediately or shortly thereafter address and remove troublesome emotions utilizing the “Emotional Resolution” protocol.  This will immediately create a “neutral emotion” in the present which will allow you to think clearly and proceed without hesitation to the task at hand.

This will also assist in moments of feeling blocked, incompetent or anxious about a task to be completed. By removing fear, trauma, lack of confidence or disruptive behavior patterns, you will be able to more easily engage your work without wasting time and energy or feeling stress. You will find that you will get more done in less time with minimal frustrations. Job productivity can increase exponentially!


Once you’ve integrated your personal triangle with the 3 business P&L’s, you will be able to clearly identify the values and interests of leaders, employees and customers. You can focus on them because you are secure about who you are and what your needs are. This will create meaningful interactions resulting in increased prosperity and personal happiness for the highest and best of all involved.

You can reduce the anxiety that accompanies demands, complaints and problems by proactive mediation of customer/employee needs and set mutually acceptable boundaries from an emotionally balanced place. This will drastically eliminate future problems and build a satisfied returning customer base as well as happy, loyal employees. You will learn how to apologize properly when appropriate, practice mutual forgiveness and mend relationships, resulting in a respect-driven atmosphere.

Workshop Benefits

Learning to implement this model to successfully create healthy work relationships, peaceful conflict resolutions, negotiations and agreements bring powerful and lasting results. We learn to: {Meet-Connect-Listen-Acknowledge-Empower-Discuss-Agree-Express Gratitude} with employees, superiors, customers and vendors.

We will customize the workshop to address the concerns prevalent in your particular business. The use of  “role play” exercises allows for real-life sharing and gathering of ideas, keeps participants involved and proactive in learning to create solutions. Having a third-party mediator to model guidelines for addressing future staff and organizational meetings will allow for viable agreements and new policy implementation at a higher success rate.

*For examples of real-life situations, see Business Mediation »


  • Participants: Businesses, nonprofit leaders, homeowner associations and community action groups.
  • Format: This dynamic, hands-on workshop is facilitated by Laurel Young and includes team members working on their own as well as with co-workers utilizing multi-media presentations as needed. Role plays and actual events that have occurred can be revisited and discussed for viable learning opportunities and how to improve future performance.
  • Topics: The Profit and Loss of Leadership, Creating Happiness at Work, Consensus Building.
  • Materials: Workbook and media presentations as needed.
  • Length: From two-hours to all day.
  • Location: Upon need and request from specific businesses.
  • Cost: Depending on time, materials and number of participants.
  • Follow-up: A one-hour check-in call or meeting within one-month of the workshop included with all day workshops. Additional consultation is available for an additional fee. Laurel is available on an on-going retainer basis.

For more information about the 3 P&Ls Business Workshop, contact The Mediation Mentor »