What is Mediation?

People seek help from “The Mediation Mentor®” because they either have conflict within themselves or with others which they cannot resolve on their own. By allowing all the information to surface and be expressed, new thoughts, insights and perceptions can emerge for consideration about the conflict. From this new understanding, solutions and agreements can develop.

Mediation can be used to help resolve all kinds of conflict whether it is with yourself, family members, people at work or other groups.

Often confusion and conflict are just perceptual misunderstandings that lead to the inability to adequately communicate in a way that can be heard and understood.” Laurel Young

Who is The Mediation Mentor®?

The Mediation Mentor is a detached, neutral, nonjudgmental and confidential facilitator whose primary goal is to assist you in discovering and becoming your authentic YOU. When you establish a firm foundation of who you are and what you need and want, then you can confidently move forward. After communication, discussion and solution finding, it becomes easier to move into agreements, action or inaction.

  • I am a friendly interpreter who listens, re-frames what I think I heard and asks questions to guide and assist YOU to discover your own solutions and answers.
  • As a mentor and neutral, unconditional friend, I listen but do not take sides. I do not tell you what to do nor am I responsible for the choices you make.  
  •  My primary goal is to work with people to help them understand and create their own  solutions; first within themselves and then mutually acceptable solutions with others when needed.
  • Everything discussed during the mediation is confidential.

How the Mediation Mentor can help you

Having an emotionally detached mediator to create a neutral environment where everyone involved feels heard and empowered creates an openess that may not exist when two or more parties are in conflict. Even if the session only involves you, you will have the trust and security to explore and express all your thoughts without judgement or ridicule.

Using a mix of timeless wisdom, scientific knowledge, behavioral modalities and restorative techniques, the mediator will be able to provide an environment that approaches the conflict from a different perspective. By directing the conversation to the commonality of human wants and needs in relation to your own, you will be able to reach a neutral ground of understanding and acceptance that help you move into mutually acceptable decisions.


You will be able to implement your new emotional competency by using your authentic values and interests in relation to the big picture. You will move from a position of meeting life in a “reactionary” mode to a more balanced “decisionary” mode.

This allows you to restructure and create emotional and mental freedom in your life in benevolent ways for all concerned. You will be able to live in the balanced present or “neutral NOW” of life, continually moving forward through resolving and letting go of the past.

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