Resolving Emotions

Painful and negative emotional triggers, unpleasant memories and repeat incidences you don’t want are like random light bulbs switching on and off uncontrollably. Since 95% of all of our thoughts and actions are unconsciously driven by past experiences stored in our bodies and minds, we find it difficult to move forward until we mediate, release and reframe these hidden drivers of behavior.

We are born with the natural ability to regulate our own emotions. Utilizing ” Emotional Resolution” (EmRes), we can regulate ourselves to be in the “NOW” so that we can be who we are and who we want to be in this world.” Laurel Young

So what is Emotional Resolution?

It is a natural, universal birthright that recognizes the innate neurological and physiological ability present in all of us to self-regulate our emotional traumas, fears, behavioral difficulties and emotional blocks. We can do this ourselves by re-experiencing the origin of our emotional difficulties through sensations in the body. This vortex also allows us to access and remedy both psychosomatic diseases and addictions. Emotion resolution is the fastest and easiest way to negotiate, resolve and remove these hidden lingering ghosts that consistently reappear in some form –  most often without our conscious awareness or choosing.

The best news is that you don’t even have to relive or even remember the original past trauma and recall all the details, only the bodily sensations of a present triggered moment. This process allows you to heal and remove past emotional difficulties permanently from your subconscious and situations that show up in the present moment.

So how does the body respond to “Emotional Resolution?”

Real-life situations allow us by choice to create our perceptions, morals, values and beliefs about how to live and react to life. These self-made narratives are stored in two places – in the body as sensorial memories and in the mind as detailed thought-memories. Each time a trigger occurs and you see, hear or feel something that brings you an emotional difficulty, you react with bodily sensations which send a message to the brain to analyze, categorize and decide what to do and how to file it through analytical linear reasoning. If the body senses and the brain cannot integrate and come to a neutral agreement in the NOW, it will stuff it into a mind-box with similar behavioral and emotional patterns or create a new box to deal with it another day.

Many people try all kinds of brain and mental training techniques; psychological counseling, journal writing, self-talk, affirmations and prayer without success. Failure for these people in these useful and time-tested modalities is simply the lack of knowledge and understanding about how to access, connect and mitigate an agreement with their whole body while engaged in these modalities. The modality you use must create a re-connection via the neurological pathway from the brain memory to the sensorial stored body memory.

So, herein lies the secret to quick and painless emotional resolution: You cannot fully process and remove emotional triggers by just intellectually processing through the mind; you must honor and remove the stored or blocked bodily-sensorial emotions as well! It is a two pronged process involving both the body stored sensations and the mind.” LY

Locating and allowing the complete dissolution of the root sensorial emotion trapped in the body that triggered the original reaction will permanently resolve and remove it! By going to the “bodily sensations” of an emotional situation that shows up for you today, you can allow the blocked e.motion (energy.motion) to release. This allows the neural pathways from the blocked body emotion to reconnect to the brain, which receives the message to neutralize, re-program, and take the story out of circulation as worry or a problem!

The amazing thing is that it will neutralize all the “stuffed events” from inside that box related to the same root cause. Using Emotional Resolution resources in your body allows you to fast-track this process yourself by opening the door to the subconscious emotional storage unit and clear it out fully and immediately without undue pain or suffering.

So how do these life events get stored in our body in the first place?

When we experience an event or situation with heightened emotion like a painful breakup of a relationship, our bodies and minds innately process and communicate the situation until it finally resolves naturally by mutual agreement. When this natural resolution happens (it naturally happens within 3 months), you can see the person and/or recall the incident in the future without feeling those old heightened emotions. You feel neutral, healed and ready for another relationship, free from the baggage of your original past emotional perceptions.

If, however, you have trouble in a new relationship or avoid a new relationship altogether because of the same unpleasant emotions or the memory of fear, doubt, jealousy, etc. that plagued you in the past relationship, you are replaying your past unresolved issues.  This message should put you on alert that you have confusion in the form of blocked emotions, trapped sensations and stored thoughts that make it difficult to create a different relationship and is interfering with what you want in the present. This is when you know it is time to practice emotional resolution.

A new look at FEAR:

“Triggered emotions are always defined and filed in boxes in the MIND as “FEARS”.
Triggered emotions are always defined and filed in the BODY as “SENSATIONS”, not FEARS!”  – LY

Fear is a mind game we play with ourselves to remind us to connect with our bodies. Ironically, we should be grateful for our fears because they are like an inner GPS warning us that either something harmful is happening in the present or something needs to be fixed from the past! This all translates to discovering that all fears are stored in the mind as thoughts, beliefs and memories and in the body as sensory memories. They show up and express as mesengers in the form of emotions and behaviors such as fear, depression, anger, phobias, the need to overeat, jealousy, addictions and physical somatic diseases as well as many others.

“A fearful ‘thinking’ mind will automatically disconnect from the sensorial emotion, stop the sensory evolvution and send the warning message back into the mind’s storage box for another day to deal with. It is only a temporary feel good fix!”  – LY

You can shut the mind off by putting on the box’s lid and intellectually convincing yourself that you are OK and should “just forget about it”. There are many accepted techniques to create a momentary halt to addressing these stimulating events. But that doesn’t shut down the body’s stored sensations that are constantly re-triggered like that light bulb going on and off! These emotional messages either stay blocked in the body in the form of dis.ease or act as a 911 call for help at every possible opportunity waiting for you to pay attention!

What an Emotional Resolution Professional can do for you:

A  trained professional can educate you to regulate yourself as well as facilitate the removal of your stored emotions. By recognizing bodily sensations resulting from a recent emotional trigger, you will allow the sensations to evolve and dissipate for no more than 1 minute if self-regulating and 2 seconds to 2 1/2 minutes if working with a professional. You are safe and no harm will occur when these sensorial emotions are re-experienced. You may momentarily feel sensations such as nausea, head pain or pressure, heart rate increase or difficulty breathing.

Each person experiences sensations unique to them and will notice that different parts of the body may be involved in different situations. You will know if you have successfully completed the entire process next time you come up against a similar situation that once brought you an emotional difficulty. How do I know? Because I did it myself. And I have seen it work for clients, over and over and over. It’s that simple!

Personal testimonial: I had test phobia. When I was preparing for my two day certification test to become a certified “Emotional Resolution Professional”, I asked a classmate to do an emotional resolution on the last time I had test anxiety-which was an advanced CPR class. One week later the certification weekend arrived. I was happy, excited and had fun! I was without any test anxiety for the first time in my life that I could remember and I teased my other classmates, who were anxious and fretting about the process, that this stuff really works and that they should have done an “Emotional Resolution” session on themselves before coming!

What kinds of problems will this process work on?

  • Fears: Test-taking, public speaking, fear of snakes, spiders, dogs etc., drowning, driving, being alone, feeling unloved, abandonment, being able to do your job, technology overload, feeling unloved, flying, unable to sleep, death, being in crowds, going to doctor or dentist, seeing people you don’t want to etc.
  • Traumas: Grief, PTSD, the impact of accidents or physical trauma, childhood occurrences, divorce, events such as a relationship breakup, the death of a loved one, birth complications, etc.
  • Emotional Blocks: Emotional patterns of behavior you have been unable to change, sports performance anxiety, unpleasant emotions that persist, depression, stress, anxiety, feelings of hate towards things you have to do, phobias, inhibitions, irritability, unhappiness, daily stress, etc.
  • Somatic diseases/addictions/behavioral patterns: Anger, violence, perfectionism, dyslexia, learning disabilities, stuttering, procrastination, obsession, control issues, eating disorders, weight management, most addictions, most somatic diseases etc.

My goal is to teach people who want to be responsible to regulate and heal themselves. My desire is to work with you and teach you the process in order to set you on your way to a better, happier, more fulfilling life!

How can I schedule a session and learn this process for myself?

We can schedule and conduct the session either by phone, Skype, FaceTime or in person.

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