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Laurel Young – The Mediation Mentor

The Mediation Mentor can help you transform difficult relationships and unpleasant emotions into understanding and acceptance in a safe neutral environment.

Let me help you, your business and your family learn effective strategies to regain healthy communications and mutual respect.

You CAN create new choices that will support a happier, more fulfilling life.

I will show you how your past experiences and perceptions have affected your current life and relationships.

Using my techniques, you will be able to cope and neutralize difficult situations and hurt feelings and start building and connecting with caring, supportive relationships that you deserve.

My approach is cost effective and requires minimal time. No need to revisit past personal drama and trauma or months of ongoing sessions to see significant results.

✓ Reconcile your past

✓ Reclaim the present

✓ Reinvent your future

How Mediation can Help

  • Identify what your real interests and needs are
  • Calm emotional distress
  • Change anger and confusion into understanding
  • Create better communication
  • Develop solutions and make agreements

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Emotional Resolution Training Can

  • Resolve and regulate unwanted emotions
  • Identify and permanently remove fears
  • Overcome trauma and emotional blocks
  • Change unwanted habits
  • Create instantaneous harmony

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phone the Mediation Mentor 541-326-7781

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