What is Mediation like when you include Emotional Resolution?

Using Emotional Resolution in the mediation process allows you to immediately remove past emotional baggage that has shut you down and is obstructing your ability to communicate, negotiate, and move respectfully forward in life. Laurel Young

Emotional resolution is a natural process using everyone’s inherent abilities to overcome emotional traumas, fears, behavioral difficulties and emotional blocks. Utilizing the body’s natural abilities as part of a mediation or as an adjunct to mediation is a win-win proposition. This is the fastest and most efficient way to solve conflict and confusion and move forward in life. Anyone can learn this process for themselves. The process is easy and once learned, it will take you less than 1 minute to regulate a problematic emotion at the time it shows up.

How the Process Works:

The process requires you to identify an emotional difficulty such as fear, anxiety, stress or anger that is triggered by a current situation or event. You then reconnect with the body’s sensory memory of that event and deactivate the stored sensations by observing them and letting them dissipate. The brain is given permission to do a “systems upgrade” and re-files the memory in your archives as “something I no longer need to deal with.”  The once-crippling emotion or traumatic event will be neutralized. When a similar situation that would have triggered you occurs in the future or a reminder of a past situation emerges, a neutral feeling lacking any emotional charge like fear or anxiety will occur.

How the Mediation Mentor can use the Emotional Resolution process to help you:

There are three ways I can help you achieve this personal freedom:

  1. Have a private session to remove an ongoing emotion that is ruling your life.
  2. Teach you the technique so you can self-mediate and clear disruptive patterns within yourself as life situations present themselves.
  3. Use the technique in a mediation session. The mediation will take longer (2-5 min.) but will address ongoing patterns that keep you from moving forward in negotiations and agreements.

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