Family, Friends, & Co-Worker Mediation

Most often the root cause of conflict is miscommunication, misunderstanding or missing information.

  • You will learn that once the dialogue begins, “the rest of the story” is forthcoming, uncovering the missing pieces and allowing often unknown thoughts and emotions that surround the conflict to emerge.
  • You will learn how to effectively listen and actually hear the interests of the other party. This allows clear dialogue to transition into understanding which allows for solutions to emerge which then can evolve into agreements.
  • You will learn to use conflict resolution skills and communication techniques which will enable you to clearly and compassionately express yourself.
  • You will be able to discuss differences, similarities, opinions, issues, and expectations without increased tension and anxiety.

“This Was My Life”

Disputes offer family, friends, and co-worker relationships an opportunity to revisit their conscious and subconscious memories called “This Was My Life,” reminding you of past experiences and emotions emerging as echoes of the “same old thing” happening again!

These stored experiences can emerge consistently in present situations creating confusion and habitual reactions. Often disputes that seemingly involve you are nothing but the other person’s trigger from another situation involving their perceptions of something or someone else!

The Mediation Mentor technique provides a systematic model to sort out this confusion. You will have the opportunity to revisit your values, beliefs, expectations, regrets, successes or habits that have been influencing your actions or inactions as they apply to the present issue.

Utilizing “Emotional Resolution”  protocols, you can revisit our emotional difficulties and remove at will the internal blocks that interfere with your ability to have respectful interactions. It is often these shutdown emotions where problems lie dormant, waiting to be awakened and freed like in the fairy tale “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. There, a simple kiss awakens Snow White and all is well. Emotional resolution protocols act the same way and are just as fast.

Workshop Benefits

Learning to use The Mediation Mentor tools to discover the path to healthy relationships will enable you to create a new, improved lifestyle. You will learn traditional mediation and conflict management skills that we will synchronize with human values.

You will learn how to allow ideas, thoughts, opinions and emotions to surface and to properly communicate anger and criticism in healthy ways without attacking. What once triggered you into emotional, physical or verbal disaster will be neutralized into the ability to remain coherently present, calm and available to listen and negotiate in a productive manner.

Proper dialogue and communication etiquette, as well as skills to neutralize conflict, will be discussed. We will engage in role-playing and participant exercises to practice these skills.

You will be shown how to create livable verbal agreements and written contracts with mutual respect to restore balance and guide the future relationships of your circle of relationships.

*For examples of real-life situations, see Family Mediation »


  • Participants: Individuals, family members, friends or co-workers wanting to do deep work and move forward for a more balanced communicative relationship.
  • Format: This dynamic, hands on workshop is facilitated by Laurel Young and includes discussion, small group activities, partner exercises, and multi-media presentations. It can be presented for a private conflict between two sides to a group of up to 50 participants. You can choose a topic or conflict that YOU need to work on and I will adapt the material to assist YOU.
  • Topics: Example topics include “This Was My Life”, “Lying and Triggers and Brutes Oh My!” and “Listen Up For Success!”
  • Materials: Workbook and power point presentation available to help you LISTEN without too much note taking!
  • Length: Topics can be adjusted to 1.5 hours, 2 hours, 4 hours or an all day intensive.
  • Location: To be determined by request and need.
  • Cost: Dependent on the number of participants, location and length.
  • Follow-up: A one-hour group follow up call or meeting within one-month following a 4 hour or more workshop included. Individual or ongoing support is available for a fee.

For more information about the Family, Friends, & Co-Worker Mediation Workshop, contact The Mediation Mentor »