I will post a short survey asking specific questions that my web visitors will be interested in knowing. The following week, I will post a blog or an article based on those responses. It will be fun to see how everyone answered the questions (anonymously of course).

This will allow me to offer information that will be most interesting to my WEB followers. We will have informationl communiction tips, discussion on how to live with the human value guidelines as well as authentic case studies of meditations and the processes they went through before they resolved their issues. Names and situations may be changed to avoid the privacy of my clients.


Listen UP for Freedom

There is no better epiphany on this subject than was portrayed in the song written and sung by Simon and Garfunkel in 1964. The song entitled “Sound of Silence” has that famous line that all the baby boomer generation remembers, “People hearing without listening.” It was a mantra to society at that time to wake […]

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Choice Between 2 Roads

We Have a Choice: Staying Fearful or Staying Present

One year has passed since the 2016 American presidential election and many of us are still reeling from the aftermath and continued confusion that exists. It is interesting that people continue to spend an appreciable amount of time and energy in defining what is wrong and what is right. They get emotionally and physically distraught […]

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